4/8 commissions at AMG. One of them was an inked piece that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of. I’ve got 3 more to go that I was not able to finish. Hopefully I’ll get to mail them by this weekend or so.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by at my booth and bought our stuff, commissioned, or just had a look around!! And it was so nice to meet with friends, new and old. (●´∀`●)

I was surprised that people (who aren’t my friends) actually bought this print. I’ll be taking note of that for CF. The PJO stickers and Hades badge sold really well.

So yeah, if I manage to get a place at Comic Fiesta, you’ll still be able to get my stuff if you missed your chance this weekend.

As a tradition, here’s a pic of me and envy4hearts during the later hours of Day 2. Maru was with us in spirit.

Come visit me at ANIMANGAKI 2014 at BOOTH B4 on both days for all of your obscure fandom needs! Because I only draw obscure fandom fanart! Hurahh!!!! The booth is under the name Sha-Pen but marujousama will not be able to attend due to circumstances.

Unfortunately, because of my M’sian Studies presentation, I can only start sales at around 10.30 on Saturday.

I’ll also be doing on-site commissions on both days. My friend envy4hearts will be selling some Teru Teru Bozu phone straps and is also doing on-site commissions on Sunday.

See you there!